Jim's Collision

Local Insurance Agents

At Jim’s Collision, we are happy to work with all insurance companies. However, it can often be easier to work with a local insurance agent in Roscommon, MI.

Have you ever wondered why many insurance companies recommend specific repair shops? It’s because those shops have likely agreed to provide discounts on parts, labor, or both to your insurance company. They also have to agree to fix your vehicle to the insurance company’s standard, incorporating all of those discounts.

At our shop, we only participate in insurance programs that do not dictate what repairs your vehicle receives. As an independent shop working for you, we will always look out for your best interests and ensure you receive the highest quality vehicle repairs.

This is also why we recommend a local agent, as then you can talk to them face to face and work out the best solutions for your car’s repairs. Below we have listed some local agents who have permitted us to provide their contact info. Please contact one today.

Fire Damaged Model A Cabriolet